Spring Excitement

APRIL 2021

Really excited for a couple of reasons... MY FIRST EVER BLOG!!! And I’m also delighted to finally get my new website online. To say it’s taken a while is an understatement. I seem to get absorbed into the painting, dealing with deadlines etc and can never seem to find the time to get this side of the business done. So I’m really delighted to get it up and running at long last.
The last few months I have been concentrating on building a body of work, I never seem to be able to paint fast enough but have a few good painting’s on the easel. I tend to have a good few on the go at certain stage’s of completion as I have to allow for drying time between each layer so it does take a bit of time but I’m looking forward to getting them out into the world!
Exciting news this weekend, Incognito for the Jack and Jill foundation have kindly done some press coverage with me. There will be an interview in the Sunday Independent People and Culture magazine. The painting ‘Ceramic Pair’ will feature.